Tips on Allergies

Dog Care Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Allergy and asthma sufferers often worry about having a pet. Pets, or the allergens which they can inadvertently bring inside the house, can make it difficult for allergy sufferers to cope with the situation. Do you want a dog despite the fact that you are an allergy sufferer? You can follow several basic tips to […]

News on Allergies

Infographic: Allergens

Allergies infographic Pet allergies are, of course, just one type of allergy and all too often people that suffer from one type of allergy are susceptible to other allergies. This infographic from provides a quick and easy look at the types of allergies and reactions to those allergens. Source


Review: Dyson Groom

Grooming your pet can be difficult for people (like me) with allergies. Just the simple act of brushing your dog or cat can send up dander and dead skin; those airborne allergens are then ready to trigger your allergies. When possible, it’s best to have a non-allergic family member groom your pets or take them […]