Using Air Conditioners to Filter Air

Thanks to a summer that’s been historically hot here, our home air conditioner has been going for months. Even when the weather gets more temperate, though, we’ll use our air conditioner most days instead of opening the doors. Why? Filtration.

Air conditioners filter the air that comes into your home, removing pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens that can cause problems for those with allergies.

In our home, we use high performance filters especially designed for those with allergies; these are more expensive than regular air conditioner filters but they are capable of filtering out much smaller particles like cat dander in our home. The filters are used in our central air system for both our air conditioning and our heat pump for heating the house.

It’s recommended that you change out these special filters about every three months but we change ours more often. They’re not that expensive and, with our multiple pets, we give those filters a workout!