Welcome to My Pet Allergies!

I’m so excited that we’re launching our third pet site today! I’ve had pet allergies as long as I can remember…and I’ve had pets just about as long as I can remember, too!

Like most people with allergies, mine extend beyond pets to dust, mold, and some pollens, too. Dust is the worst for me but, during mountain cedar season here in Texas (December and January), I can be heard sneezing throughout our valley 🙂

In spite of my allergies, we have a house full of pets: two dogs and four cats. How? My husband and I manage the allergens with housecleaning, special attention to the coats of our dogs and cats, using some products specially designed to capture pet dander, and more.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of the ways we reduce pet dander and allergens in our house as well as news you can use to happily co-exist with your furry (and feathered) family members even if you have allergies!