Reducing Allergens

Next week I’m headed to a special blogger event hosted by Rug Doctor about reducing allergens in your home so I’m excited to pass on some tips from Rug Doctor about ways to reduce allergens like pet dander in your home:

  • Make it a Routine: Dust and vacuum weekly to help remove common allergy triggers such as dust mites, pollen and pet hair from your home and use a damp cloth when dusting to trap dust.
  • Keep Linens Clean: Wash bed linens, including sheets, pillow cases and blankets, weekly in hot water (at least 130° Fahrenheit).
  • Avoid Trigger Transfer: Keep clothes you’ve worn outside away from your bedroom, especially bed linens and pillows, as well as other fabrics such as curtains and couches, to avoid transferring allergens.
  • Know Your Enemy: Make note of your family’s allergy triggers so you can try to avoid them whenever possible.
  • Deep Cleaning is a Necessity: Because vacuuming is not enough, the EPA recommends deep cleaning carpet every three to six months with a hot water extraction system that gets in between carpet fibers to loosen dirt and grime and then extracts dirt and allergens from rugs.

Next week, I’ll be learning more about the new Rug Doctor Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaner and pet allergies in general. I’m looking forward to bringing you more information!

Photo courtesy Rug Doctor