Review: Dyson Groom

Grooming your pet can be difficult for people (like me) with allergies. Just the simple act of brushing your dog or cat can send up dander and dead skin; those airborne allergens are then ready to trigger your allergies. When possible, it’s best to have a non-allergic family member groom your pets or take them to a professional groomer.

But that’s not always possible. Sometimes, allergies or not, you need to tame that pet hair. One way is to keep that hair, with its attached dried saliva, dander, and skin, from becoming airborne and from getting on your clothes.

One way is the Dyson Groom, a vacuum attachment specially designed for Dyson vacuums. Like a brush with retractable bristles attached to a vacuum hose, the Dyson Groom is used to brush your adult dog; as soon as you release the thumb trigger, the attached vacuum pulls up the loose hair and dander!

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Disclosure: We received a Dyson Groom to facilitate our review; we were not paid for our review and all statements are entirely our own.