Are Some Cat Breeds Less Allergenic?

OK, let’s get one thing straight before we begin this discussion: there are no hypoallergenic pets. Because pet allergies are triggered by dander, created by skin particles as well as dried saliva left from the cat’s grooming, as well as urine and feces, all cat breeds have the potential to cause allergies. You’re not allergic to the fur itself.

That said, some breeds are touted as LESS allergenic for sensitive people. These include:

  • Balinese. The beautiful Balinese, with its fairly long coat, wouldn’t seem like a cat that’s less allergenic than many others however this cat does little shedding and has no wooly undercoat. Less shedding means less airborne dander.
  • Cornish Rex. The curly-coated Cornish Rex makes the list specifically because that tight, curly coat means less shedding.
  • Devon Rex. The Devon Rex is another curly-coated cat. A distinct breed from the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex has a wavy coat and large ears.
  • Javanese. This longhair Oriental does not have an undercoat, instead sporting a very silky coat.
  • Oriental Shorthair. Like the Oriental Longhairs above (Javanese and Balinese), the Oriental Shorthair has a wedge-shaped face.
  • Siberian. This beautiful longhair cat is often heralded as having lower levels of the Fel d1 allergen in its saliva (and the females have lower levels than the males).
  • Sphynx. As seen in the photo above, these nearly hairless cats (some have slight hair on their toes, nose, and and tail) doesn’t need brushing but still needs to be groomed with a soft cloth.

Don’t forget: you’ll find cats of all of these breeds through cat rescues; each breed has its own rescue to help find forever homes for homeless kittens and cats of these breeds. Resources like are a great way to locate a homeless cat of one of these breeds!

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