Grooming Your Cat to Reduce Allergens In Your Home

OK, we all know that cats bathe…a lot. You’d think this would make them the cleanest pets around and the perfect ones to have in the home of a person with allergies.

But all that bathing creates its own problems. Bathing leaves behind saliva. Saliva dries and then forms dander particles. The next thing you know, that dander is airborne and someone’s starting to sneeze…

But you can help your cat with its grooming and, at the same time, help reduce the allergens in your home. Proper cat care doesn’t just involve food, water, and fun, it also means grooming or (even better!) getting a member of your family to help with the grooming tasks.

While most cats don’t like to be bathed (an exception to that rule is our Coco, who we think may be a Turkish Van, a breed that likes to swim), you can bathe your cat. Give your cat something sturdy to stand on (and sink claws into) while in the tub or sink. We’d suggest using jugs of slightly warm water rather than turning on the faucet or trying to lower your cat into a filled tub. (Wear long sleeves to be safe.)

You’ll also find waterless shampoos on the market; bathing towelettes can also be helpful as a substitute. Again, it helps to have a non-allergic member of the family giving the bath; if that’s not possible, wear a pair of safety goggles and an air-filtration mask to keep from breathing dander. (Yes, it’s going to look funny…but it beats spending the rest of the day sneezing!)

An easy alternative is to use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your cat. The special qualities of microfiber can capture dander and loose hair.

Grooming tools like the FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats can also help you to help your cat. The tool will help remove the loose undercoat so that it’s not shed; less shed hair means less dander that’s floating around your home. (And it will also help reduce hairballs!)

Give your cat some assistance with that job of grooming; it can help your allergies and your cat will enjoy the helping hand…or paw!