10 Things You May Not Know about Nature’s Logic

As you know, we’re co-hosting the #BarktoSchool Twitter party with All Things Dog Blog on August 12 to celebrate the back to school season for four-legged family members. Be sure to RSVP to enter to win prizes (and enter our pre-tweet and Rafflecopter drawings, too, for sponsor prizes!)

Throughout the party and in the pre-party drawings, the prize packages will include pet foods from one of our party sponsors, Nature’s Logic, a company that makes healthy foods for dogs and cats…and, of special interest to My Pet Allergies readers, food that is especially well-suited to pets with allergies!

Today we wanted to take this chance to introduce you to Nature’s Logic. You might be familiar with Nature’s Logic as a 100 percent natural dry, canned, and raw food for dogs and cats…but we bet there are some things you don’t know about this nutrient-dense, highly digestible food for pets. We’ll be bringing you much more about these foods during the party but here’s a quick introduction:

  1. Nature’s Logic contains NO common allergens so the foods are safe for sensitive pets.
  2. Nature’s Logic has NEVER been recalled.
  3. Nature’s Logic is made only from whole foods and 100 percent natural ingredients.
  4. These foods contain NO man-made vitamins or minerals.
  5. You’ll find nothing man-made in Nature’s Logic.
  6. Nature’s Logic is manufactured in the USA.
  7. Nature’s Logic contains NO ingredients from China.
  8. Nature’s Logic contains NO wheat, corn, soy, rice, potato, tapioca, or gluten.
  9. These pet foods contain NO chemical nutrients, preservatives, or ingredients.
  10. Nature’s Logic is made with biologically-appropriate high protein, low carb formulas.

For more information on Nature’s Logic:

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Disclosure: #BarktoSchool sponsors are working with Event Barkers to promote their products and to provide prizes for the #BarktoSchool giveaways.