Pre-Tweet Giveaway for #BarktoSchool

The Back to School preparations are kicking into high gear now…and that includes our #BarktoSchool preparations! Earlier this week we announced the RSVP giveaway and today we’re announcing the PreTweet Giveaway! All of these giveaways will feature prizes from each of our sponsors: Nature’s Logic (and we’ll be talking about allergies and your pet’s diet in an upcoming post), author Peggy Frezon, Walk In Sync, and Event Barkers!

We’re getting high-tech this time and we’ve got a super easy pretweet for you below. (You’re always welcome to write your own tweet, too…just be sure to link to the RSVP post and to use the #BarktoSchool hashtag so we can find your tweet to enter it in the giveaway!)

To enter

To enter this giveaway, just hit the Retweet link in the Tweet below and send it out to your followers! You can enter once per day. Good luck!

Disclosure: #BarktoSchool sponsors are working with Event Barkers to promote their products and to provide prizes for the #BarktoSchool giveaways.