Dog Care Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Allergy and asthma sufferers often worry about having a pet. Pets, or the allergens which they can inadvertently bring inside the house, can make it difficult for allergy sufferers to cope with the situation. Do you want a dog despite the fact that you are an allergy sufferer? You can follow several basic tips to enjoy the company of your pet without suffering from the symptoms of your condition.

For a start, try to figure out whether the pet is the cause of your allergy. Many dog owners believe there is a connection between the symptoms and the pet but it could turn out that they are reacting to some other allergen, such as pollen, which is on the pet’s fur.

Furniture Selections
Dog owners have to make the right furniture selections to prevent the accumulation of hair, dust and allergens. Upholstered furniture is not the best option. The soft fabric will hold dog fur and allergens even if you try to clean it thoroughly. Wooden chairs and leather furniture are two better options for frequent allergy sufferers and dog owners. These materials are easier to clean and allergens cannot get trapped inside the fabric.

Carpeting is also problematic. People who decide to keep carpets or rugs should resort to frequent steam cleaning. It would be best to keep the pet outside of bedrooms or the rooms that have fabric upholstered furniture. This step is essential when trying to decrease the exposure to allergens.

Skin and Fur Care
Taking care of your dog’s fur will decrease dander and the risk of allergies. Brush your pet frequently to remove dander and loose hairs. You can either use a brush or natural fibre cloth to keep the fur clean. For best results, let somebody else do the grooming for you!

Your dog will need frequent baths, especially during the pollen allergy season. Choose the right shampoo. Virbac Sebocalm shampoo, for example, is designed for normal and sensitive skin. It will cleanse your dog’s fur and skin, removing allergens and dust that your pet could have brought home.

Playing with Your Pet and Personal Hygiene
Petting and playing with a dog are two of the most enjoyable parts of being a pet owner. Allergy sufferers, however, should be a little reticent and careful about such activities.

Try to refrain from touching the animal too much. You can rely on interactive toys that will help you build a relationship with the pet without the need for you to touch. Wash your hands thoroughly after each play session.

Personal and house hygiene are the two best ways of handling allergens. A HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner will remove airborne pollutants and dust, making it easier for you to control allergies and to have fun with your pet.

Enjoying the company of pets is possible even if you suffer from serious allergies. Good dog care practices will decrease the level of allergens in your home. Proper skin care and undertaking steps to control dander will give you a chance own a dog without suffering from an allergy or an asthma attack.

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