Welcome to My Pet Allergies! We’ve brought you this site to share some of the ways we’ve found to modify our home–through cleaning methods, products, and more–to help reduce pet allergens in our home of six pets!

I’m Paris Permenter, half of the team that makes up My Pet Allergies. I’ve got allergies, asthma…and animals. My husband, John Bigley, live with two dogs and four cats (all indoors). I’m far from a perfect housekeeper (John will attest to that:) ) but, though the years, I’ve learned a lot about how to keep my allergies at a minimum so I can happily co-exist with our pets.

Throughout My Pet Allergies, we’ll talk about ways to manage your allergies while living with pets and one of those ways is to enlist the help of non-allergic family members. The other half of My Pet Allergies, my husband John, takes over some of pet tasks that really can trigger allergies, like cleaning the litter boxes so I don’t have to do that (see, there can be an up side to allergies!) John also makes up half of My Pet Allergies, both writing and technology-wise. We’ve been a team of professional writers for over 20 years and today we are full-time bloggers.

You might know us from our other pet sites, DogTipper.com and CatTipper.com, where we discuss all kinds of ways to improve your life with your dogs and cats as well as product reviews, giveaways, news, and more.

Here, though, we’ll be covering all things related to pet allergies–whether those allergies are caused by cats or dogs…or horses, ferrets, birds, guinea pigs, and other furry or feathered family members.

We know that everyone’s individual allergies are different…and some people just may not be able to cohabitate with pets. We’re hoping, though, that My Pet Allergies will help many pet families learn ways to successfully live with pets in households with at least one family member with pet allergies. It can be done!