Touring the Rug Doctor Factory

Spring means spring cleaning…and a time for reducing pet allergens in your house. This winter, I toured the Rug Doctor factory in St. Louis, Missouri. In the coming days, we’ll be bringing you more of that visit including information from an allergist about living with pets and allergies…but, first, we wanted to share this video […]

Learning About Rug Doctor Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaner!

This week I’m making a quick one-night trip to St. Louis to visit the Rug Doctor headquarters! I’m excited to be attending a special blogger event to learn about the Rug Doctor® Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaner and their other products for pet families. I’ll be talking with the product developers and with an allergist during the […]

Welcome to My Pet Allergies!

I’m so excited that we’re launching our third pet site today! I’ve had pet allergies as long as I can remember…and I’ve had pets just about as long as I can remember, too! Like most people with allergies, mine extend beyond pets to dust, mold, and some pollens, too. Dust is the worst for me […]