Infographic: Allergens

Allergies infographic Pet allergies are, of course, just one type of allergy and all too often people that suffer from one type of allergy are susceptible to other allergies. This infographic from provides a quick and easy look at the types of allergies and reactions to those allergens. Source

10 Things You May Not Know about Nature’s Logic

As you know, we’re co-hosting the #BarktoSchool Twitter party with All Things Dog Blog on August 12 to celebrate the back to school season for four-legged family members. Be sure to RSVP to enter to win prizes (and enter our pre-tweet and Rafflecopter drawings, too, for sponsor prizes!) Throughout the party and in the pre-party […]

My Pet Allergies Launches Twitter Account

If you’re on Twitter, please be sure to pop over to our brand-new @MyPetAllergies account! We’ve been on Twitter for a long time through our @DogTipper and @CatTipper accounts but this account will be specifically for our blog! (And if you’re on Facebook, don’t forget to like our My Pet Allergies page, too!)

New Product: Wristbands, Dog Tags for Allergic Children

Parents of children with allergies know that it’s tough to spread the word to caregivers and other parents about their child’s allergies. Now there’s a new product (launched in conjunction with May’s National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month) from an allergy-conscious mom that will share your child’s allergy info…and at the same time be loved […]

Allergies On the Rise According to World Allergy Organization

Ever wonder just how many other people have allergies? A lot…with more on the way. According to recent numbers released in April for World Allergy Week by the World Allergy Organization, there’s a marked global increase of allergic diseases. Their figures showed that allergies are becoming more severe and complex and that the heaviest burden […]

Mint Plus Wet Cleaning System Launched

Along with vacuuming, a big part of keeping pet dander at bay is dusting and mopping. And while everyone recognizes the importance of dusting and mopping when you have pets in the house, finding the time is another matter… A new robotic wet cleaning system has been unleashed by Evolution Robotics, Inc. Their next generation […]

Neato XV-12 Launched at Target Stores

While vacuums with HEPA filters are definitely a top option for pet families, sometimes the best vacuum is just one that gets used…a LOT. Robotic vacuums that can be set to run as you do other chores are one way to make sure dander and dust get vacuumed away ASAP. A new entry in the […]