Dog Care Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Allergy and asthma sufferers often worry about having a pet. Pets, or the allergens which they can inadvertently bring inside the house, can make it difficult for allergy sufferers to cope with the situation. Do you want a dog despite the fact that you are an allergy sufferer? You can follow several basic tips to […]

Selecting a Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly Mattress

Let’s face it: we spend a lot our hours in bed. The very place where it’s so important to let your body get a break from the allergens it encounters during the day can be a source of allergy triggers itself. Harboring dust mites, pet dander, irritating chemicals and gases, and more, some bedding items […]

Keeping Your Pets Off Your Bed

One of the best ways to keep pet allergies under control is to sleep in a pet-free zone. Eight hours of sleep while breathing dander-free air will go a long way toward lessening your allergy symptoms the following day. If at all possible, create a “pet-free” bedroom for each allergic member of your family. Basically, […]

Grooming Your Cat to Reduce Allergens In Your Home

OK, we all know that cats bathe…a lot. You’d think this would make them the cleanest pets around and the perfect ones to have in the home of a person with allergies. But all that bathing creates its own problems. Bathing leaves behind saliva. Saliva dries and then forms dander particles. The next thing you […]

Are Some Dog Breeds Less Allergenic?

As we said in our previous post, no dogs or cats are hypoallergenic. In spite of the hype, there are no dog breeds that are allergen-free. While some people feel that certain small dog breeds as well as “designer dog breeds” created with poodle mixes are less problematic to people with allergies, in reality all […]

Are Some Cat Breeds Less Allergenic?

OK, let’s get one thing straight before we begin this discussion: there are no hypoallergenic pets. Because pet allergies are triggered by dander, created by skin particles as well as dried saliva left from the cat’s grooming, as well as urine and feces, all cat breeds have the potential to cause allergies. You’re not allergic […]

Cleaning Your Home’s Air Ducts

OK, this is one area where we have to admit we’ve fallen down on the job: we haven’t had our home’s central air system’s ducts cleaned in a long time. And that’s bad for allergy sufferers because not only can those ducts house mold and dust mites but they can also contain pet and other […]

Know Your Air Filter’s MERV Rating

Do you know your air filter’s MERV rating? Do you even know what a MERV rating is? We have to admit, we didn’t…but now we’re going to be on the lookout for this rating that’s used by the air filtration industry to measure the ability of an air filter to reduce the amount of dust, […]

Reducing Allergens

Next week I’m headed to a special blogger event hosted by Rug Doctor about reducing allergens in your home so I’m excited to pass on some tips from Rug Doctor about ways to reduce allergens like pet dander in your home: Make it a Routine: Dust and vacuum weekly to help remove common allergy triggers […]

Changing Items to Reduce Allergens

In this week’s series of tips from Dr. Alanna Levine, the pediatrician has covered A for Avoiding Allergens and B for Balance. Today’s final installment of tips from the pediatrician features ways to improve your home in terms of change: C for Change Change items that are easy to neglect, but are important for maintaining […]